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Search-22 has partnered with top quality search web sites and directories. These partnerships are beneficial both for Search-22 and our search partners by the mutual deliverance of new visitors and of high quality traffic.

Search-22 partners are exposed with a graphical banner or a static link from the relevant search-22 category. Most partners are guaranteed a search button at the top search form of the relevant category in Search-22.

List of Search-22 Partners:

Become a Search-22 Partner

If you own or represent a Web site that has search functionality in it or that provides an organized directory of links you may wish to consider partnering with Search-22.  We do not partner with spammy sites, adult sites, hate sites or sites with any illegal activity.

It is important to note that Search-22 is a traffic delivery agent. It does not have much content of its own. It mostly delivers lots of traffic to other Web sites. We try to link only to top notch sites. Remember: promoting Search-22 promotes a bunch of search sites including yours.

Most of our partners link back to us from prominent places in their sites such as their homepage, through site-wide links or through their search result pages.

To apply for partnership with Search-22 please fill the following form:

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